Frequently Asked Questions

What plans are you offering ?

We offer 4 plans :

  1. Weekly - 10% profit after 7 days, paid once to your account balance
  2. Bi-Weekly - 21% profit after 14 days, paid twice (once a week) to your account balance
  3. Tri-Weekly - 33% profit after 21 days, paid thrice (once a week) to your account balance
  4. Monthly - 45% profit after 30 days, paid once to your account balance


Do I get my invested capital back after the plan ends ?

Yes, our plans are made to return the invested amount + profit promised at the end of the term


How do you make those profits ?

As mentioned on our "About us" page, we are gamblers with years of experience and we finally found a long-term strategy that can make very interesting returns. Of course, it's not a 100% safe plan, and sooner or later there are going to be busts, but we have hired a programmer and he developed a simulator where we can simulate our exact way of planned playing with more than 10 million hands and have modified and built our final touches around the strategy to mitigate our losses considerably. Now the most important question and answer, what game are we talking about. Well of course, it's one of the oldest card games, blackjack. Now of course we can't explain in detail our strategy works, as we hope you understand, as that would put us out of business.


How do you know the strategy works ?

If we don't count the 10+ million simulated hands, we also have been testing/playing with the system for quite some time now. Right now we are at the final version of the strategy, which is the safest, but also the least profitable way of playing. Before that we had, what I like to call them, an alpha and a beta version. In both of those versions of the strategy we made a pretty nice multiplier of our starting capital, but it wasn't safe enough for long-term, which is our goal. We have spent over 500 hours "playtesting" and perfecting it. But it's not a 100% safe strategy, as it's still gambling, although it's a lot safer than anything we have ever seen.


How do I know that I won't lose my invested money ?

With all respect, you don't. Sadly it is almost certain that there will be some individuals, that are going to lose their whole investment. As said above, although it's the safest strategy we have ever seen anywhere, it's still gambling and it's going to bust sooner or later. We hope that it's going to be less than 5% of our investors, but we don't give any guarantee that the investment you give us won't be lost. More about that on our Disclaimer page.

We are also going to be completely honest about the loss of money, if we manage to lose the money, we are going to send you an email and inform you. As we don't function as a Ponzi or pyramid scheme, we don't have the ability to "recover" your lost money.


How do you make a profit out of my investment ? Why don't you just play with your own money if the strategy is so great ?

The percentages we are offering are a bit lower than what we can make in the same timeframe, so we all make a profit in the end

We are playing with our own money too, your investment will be pooled with our capital and that way we can play safer but still make the promised percentages. The more money we have in our "starting capital" the lower the chance of bust is thanks to our strategy.



How can I deposit ? What are the minimum deposit amount and minimum investment amount ?

We support deposits of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum

The minimum deposit amounts are : Bitcoin 0.0005

                                                        Litecoin 0.1

                                                        Ethereum 0.005

Litecoin and Ethereum deposits will be automatically converted to its current Bitcoin value

The deposits are manually controlled and the deposit addresses are not changed, so our investors can see what the money flow is.

Minimum investment amount is 0.0005 BTC


How can I withdraw ? What is the minimum withdrawal amount ? Are there any withdrawal fees ?

You can request a withdrawal anytime you have the minimum withdrawal amount.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.00025 BTC, which will be automatically converted if you desire to withdraw in LTC or ETH instead.

There are no withdrawal fees, you will get exactly the amount that you have requested.

The withdrawal is manual too due to how our system and strategy work.


Do you have a referral commission system ?

Yes we do, in a way, you will get 5% of the first investment your referral makes to your account balance.