June 10, 2023



According to Volgina, hackers need different services

Not even money: what scammers have started to offer bank employees for draining customer data Offer relocation to other countries
Maria Volgina, an analyst at the Expert services department of the Jet Infosystems Information Security Center, spoke about a new trend in the recruitment of banking and financial sector employees by hackers.

If earlier hackers looking for insiders offered only money, then recently, using the social needs of possible accomplices, the attackers began to offer relocation to other countries.

Draining the database of employees of banks and other financial organizations to distribute phishing emails, selling the customer base, using infected flash media, etc.

The price of such “work” is from 100-150 thousand rubles.

At the same time, such requests are rare in the darknet, mostly hackers are looking for potential “employees” in Telegram. But the probability of paying money, and even more so help with moving, is extremely low.

“The price of such requests usually starts from 100-150 thousand rubles. It is clear that the payment of remuneration, and even more so the fulfillment of relocation obligations in such cases is the exception rather than the rule,” the expert noted.